Bitybean – a Cleverly Compact Child Carrier

Disclosure: I have received the Bitybean to facilitate my review.  All opinions are 100% my own. 

I have never been a baby wearer but when I was given the chance to try the JPMA award-winning Bitybean, a cleverly compact child carrier, I jumped because it seemed like it would be easier to use compared to other soft carriers. I was right! I received my Bitybean when my boys were on spring break. We were at home working on a school project for my oldest son and my daughter was being super fussy…she just wanted to be held. I was struggling because I could not help him while working. It just so happened as we were working that I looked outside and saw the mail being delivered. I ran out to collect it and in the mail was my Bitybean. I immediately opened it to try it out. I figured why not see if wearing her will make her happy. The Bitybean was so easy to adjust and put on. I put my daughter in it was a win for everyone…my daughter was happy and my son had my help again.

Features of the Bitybean:

I really love the Bitybean. I have worn it quite a few times around the house – it is the perfect baby wearer for me. Basic, small, easy to use and comfortable. My only issue is that is does not have a lot of support so I do not think it would be super comfortable to wear for long periods of time but it works for carrying my 19 lb daughter around the house when she is being fussy and I have things I need to do.

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