Dr. Brown’s Designed to Nourish Solid Feeding

Dr. Brown’s is known for the colic reducing bottles. Last year they came out with a solid feeding line called Designed to Nourish. In conjunction with infant nutritionists and moms, Dr. Brown’s developed a line that includes everything from feed preparation to food storage to serving.

Designed to Nourish solid feeding line:

  • Blender – 2 speed hand blender – technically no different than any other kitchen hand blender, included is a toddler feeding guide and recipe book – $40 but reviews are not great!
  • Food Masher – cup with a masher that you press into the cup to mash food, BPA free – small to take on the go if need to mash food a a restuarant (instead of using a spoon or fork) – $6.99
  • Food Storage Pods and Stackable Freezer Tray – 6 air tight silicone pods that hold up to 3 oz of food, pop out frozen food in an instant, BPA free, also available in a 4 pack – $20 for the 6 pack
  • Snack and Dipping Cups – 4 packs of stackable cups, spill-proof, twist and lock lids and cups together for on the go – $12 with great reviews
  • Feeding Bowls – 2 pack, extra depth, non-skid base, not microwave safe and they do stain – $6
  • Divided Plates – 2 pack, perfect size for toddler portions, non-skid base, not microwaveable – $8
  • Long Spatula Spoons – 4 pack of colorful spoons, long handle, spatula edge (makes it easy to wipe baby’s face, scoop out food etc…) – $5

In my opinion the Designed to Nourish Line is not anything amazing or spectacular. The bottles are awesome but the food line not so much. The blender is nothing different than a normal kitchen stick blender. The stacking cups are great because it allows you to take multiple snacks on the go and keep them together (not a unique item but a useful item). The bowls and plates are nothing unique. The Long Spatula Spoon is cool for the flat edge and the storage pods are nice but again not unique. The tough part with the storage pods is the size, 3 oz is big for a new eater but small for a good eater. Only 6 or 4 pods is limiting so then you may need to buy more pods. I like that the pods are silicone and allow for popping out the food but that is about it. The food masher is nice but nothing that a fork or spoon can’t do (maybe not as easily but it can be done). If you can remember to take the masher on the go then it may be worth it but do we all really need to remember another thing to carry in our diaper bag?

Overall, for food preparation items, Dr. Brown’s is not necessarily the way to go…try others!