Fisher Price Calming Waters Vibration Tub

The Calming Waters Vibration Tub from Fisher Price is a relaxing spa bath that can be used from newborn up to an active baby.


  • Vibrations 
  • Mesh sling for infants – removable when baby can sit up unassisted, has a soft and removeable headrest, can be used as a back rest as baby grows, machine wash
  • Baby stopper – when sling is removed and baby is laying in the tub, this keeps baby in place- prevents from from moving around and keeps them safe, remove for older babies
  • Hook included for drying and storage
  • Neutral colors – cream and brown sling
  • Fits many single and double sinks
  • draing plug included
  • 25 lbs max

The Fisher Price Calming waters Vibration Tub is $65 which to me seems steep. I know many babies like the vibrations, so maybe it will help keep them calm during bath time but then again maybe not. Do you really want to rely on vibrations during bath time and get your baby used to it or just do a quick bath and move on. $65 is steep for a bath tub that is not used for ever. I am just not convinced that the vibration is necessary. You can find a tub with a sling for less!