VeraTemp – Non-Contact Thermometer

Even though cold and flu season is winding down, it is still important to have a functioning thermometer on hand…just in case! The VeraTemp is a non-contact thermometer so it decreases the chance of transferring germs. Using infrared technology, the VeraTemp has been clinically proven to be as accurate as a rectal or ear thermometer. It is safe, reliable, easy to use and is so silent that you can take the temperature of  your sleeping baby without waking them up. The VeraTemp can also be used to take the temperature of a room or surface. While the primary use is for the body, it also has other uses. How to Use:

  • Hold the VeraTemp about 2-3 inches away from the forehead – must be clean, dry from sweat/water without any hair in the way
  • Press the SCAN button and the temperature will appear on the backlit screen (backlight makes it easy to read in the dark and there may be occassions when you are taking a temperature of a sick child at night)
  • The reading remains on the screen for 5 seconds and then gets stored with the 32 most recent temperature readings
  • To view the stored readings, press the MEM button
  • Should wait 15 minutes after any physical activity to get the best reading, also for best results take temperature indoors
  • The screen turns Green when the measured temperature is between 97.3⁰F to 99.1⁰F – a normal range
  • The screen will be Orange when the measured temperature is between 99.3⁰F to 100.2⁰F
  • The screen will be Red when the measured temperature is greater than 100.4⁰F
  • Temperature can also be taken in Celcius
  • Operates on 2 AA batteries
  • To switch from Room, Surface or Body temperature readings then press the MODE button (read the temperature of bath water, warmed baby food etc…)
  • Temperature variance is .5-1 degree difference

What I really like about the VeraTemp is that your child is not bothered or scared when you need to take a temperature. When my children were younger we would have to hold them still to get an ear reading but the nice thing with the VeraTemp is that nothing touches them so they are comfortable with it. No more fighting your sick kids. I can actually see older kids having fun with it as a science experiment…checking the temperature of various rooms or liquids…a learning tool on top of a household necessity. Many people complain of its consistancy and accuracy but I think the VeraTemp is very sensitive so it all the steps must be followed in order for a proper reading…no perspiration or hair in the way, no drafty areas, no physical activity for 15 minutes prior etc…basically you need to have patience for the VeraTemp but if you do then you can get an accurate and fast reading without bothering your child. VeraTemp, is only $49.99 which is not a terrible price for a device that will be used many times over the years.