Avent Toddler Straw Cup

I have always been a fan of Avent bottles and cups but the Toddler Straw Cups turned out to be a waste of my money.  I went to Buy Buy Baby to buy a straw cup and the Avent was a gamble because I had not done my research on a good straw cup. If you are looking for a new straw cup the Avent Toddler Straw Cups are not the ones to buy! The lid is hard to remove because the way you open the straw and remove the lid is the same by twisting but you have to align it right and put the pressure at the right points to open…overall a huge pain. On top of it, the cups leak when the straw is open!! I end up with a puddle of water whenever the cup is on its side. The Avent Toddler Straw Cups turned out to be a huge disappointment.

The Toddler Straw Cups are available in pink, blue and an insulated version.