Fun ways to Announce Pregnancy

Fun ways to announce pregnancy to family and friends

  • Put your older child in a t-shirt that says “”big brother/sister to-be” or it can say “Only child expiring [insert due date]”
  • Take a video of an older child saying “I am going to be a big brother/sister”
  • Take a picture of seasonal props – for example a big pumpkin for dad a medium size pumpkin and a baby pumpkin
  • Family growing by 2 feet – take a picture of dad’s shoes, mom’s shoes and a pair of baby’s shoes all lined up
  • Picture of sonogram or pregnancy stick
  • Have the family over for dinner and serve a baby themed meal – baby carrots, baby back ribs, bun in the oven, Prego pasta sauce etc…
  • Use typical pregnancy props – picture of pickles and ice cream
  • Create buttons or shirts that say “Grandmother” and “Grandfather” and present to them to announce pregnancy
  • Make pregnancy announcement cards and mail them to family/friends
  • Blow up a balloon, write the message on the balloon then deflate the balloon and mail it to friends/family
  • Get the family together to take a picture and right before the camera clicks say “I’m pregnant” – this way you capture everyone’s reaction
  • Post on social media – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram
  • Take a picture of mom holding a “Prego” pasta sauce jar
  • Take picture of mom or mom and dad holding up signs