Playground Exercises for Parents – Why Not?

No time to exercise? I do not but today I learned a few fun ways to burn calories while at the playground with my kids. When we go to the park, sometimes I can be found am running around with my kids but other times I am not (when they have friends). I was perusing online and stumbled upon some fantastic exercises that can be done in the playground. You can get a full body workout using the equipment that is right at your fingertips. Who needs a gym now?

Visit The Spark People Blog for 7 great exercises to perform in a playground. If you cannot remember these exercises, download the app, Playground Pump The Workout – Chris Rauchnot for $2.99 for a full body workout routine to be followed at the playground.

If you want to do exercises that are less involved but just utilize the park equipment, follow these tips. Some of these tips are obvious but some of us just do not do them. Other tips are simple enough that you can involve your children – they have fun while you get in shape – a great combination!

Now that my kids are out of school and we have more time (no homework and later nights) for the park, we are going more frequently. As a result, I will definitely be doing some of these exercises during our playground time. No more excuses for why I am not working out!