Cybex 2.Go Baby Carrier

The Cybex 2.Go baby carrier was developed in collaboration with midwives and orthopedists. A combination of a Baby Bjorn and soft carrier, the 2.Go is ergonomically designed to enhance comfort for parent and baby. With 5 different positions, you can always find a position that will allow bonding which has shown to have a positive effect on baby’s development. What sets this carrier apart from other carriers is the seat, which can be adjusted to fit your baby. The Comfort Fit Seat means that the “The width of the seat area can be adjusted to a wide seat with support under the thighs for a small baby, providing support to relieve pressure on the hips during the first couple of months. Later on, the seat area can be reduced to allow carrying the baby facing forward and exploring the world.” Carrying your baby in the 2.Go is comfortable for the parent too, due to the wide, padded hip belt and the ergonomically shaped and padded shoulder straps. The wide hip belt means that a lot of the weight is absorbed in the hips which allows for people to wear the carrier who have back pain but on the other hand, it is not ideal for parents with hip issues.

The Cybex 2.Go is very sturdy and versatile due to the 5 ways of wearing it but then their are of course many downsides to it. First of all, there are many straps, buckles and parts which are meant to get the best fit but that also makes it very cumbersome. The other issue is that to get your baby in the back wearing position, 2 adults are required but even then the carrying adult does not feel it is as secure as it should be in the back carrying position. The unfortunate thing is that sometimes there are not 2 parents around to help put baby in the back.

The 2.Go can be used from 8-44 lbs which is great for long term use. The unfortunate thing is that it has too many faults to really make it the best carrier for your money ($120). Cybex tried to make this the idea fitting carrier but as a result it failed because it ended up being just too much carrier detail!