Quinny Yezz

The very new Quinny Yezz is the first stroller “made of IXEF®, a high performance plastic. This means the Quinny Yezz not only has an extremely lightweight frame, but also a strong one.” The Yezz is the umbrella-type stroller that you can’t live without. Designed for the urban parent, the Yezz weighs only 11 lbs and has a convenient stroller strap so an adult can easily carry it on their shoulder when not in use.


  • For 6+ months to 40 lbs
  • Compact, quick, 1-handed fold
  • Stands when folded or carry on your shoulder
  • 6 interchangeable seat colors
  • Ergonomic handlebar
  • IXEF fabric (like parachute fabric)is dirt and water repellent – wipe clean
  • Storage pocket on back of seat
  • Sun canopy
  • Brake – one pedal turns it on and 1 pedal turns it off
  • Wheels – like rollerblade wheels so it maneuvers well
  • Additional accessory – weather shield


  • No suspension – feel every bump on the road
  • No storage basket
  • Cross handlebar so cannot hang bags unless using stroller hooks
  • Does not recline
  • No cup holder
  • Expensive – $279.99 (in line with high-end umbrella stroller prices)

The cons are easy to get over if you look at the Yezz as being your errand, travel, walk to the park stroller. No you can’t use it on rough terrain nor does it have much storage options but it is so lightweight that you can actually push it with a finger so carrying a bag does not add much more weight to your day.  The hammock-like seat makes it comfortable enough for your baby that the lack of recline is easy to pass up. Most umbrella strollers recline so minimally that it makes very little difference anyway.

The Yezz is lightweight, compact and perfect for busy parents. Stylish for your modern lifestyle, the Yezz will fit into your everyday world seamlessly.