There’s a carrier Onya!

I was introduced to the Onya Baby Soft Carrier at the Birth and Baby Fair a few weeks ago. Right off the bat, the feature of the Onya that impressed me the most was the conversion from baby carrier to baby travel seat in minutes. Any baby product that has multiple function gets my attention because who wants to buy different products for every different need.

This family owned business was developed by a mom who “wanted to carry her daughter on her comfortably, as well as feel secure knowing she’d never be without a seat for her little one when she was out and about.”

There are 2 different Onya carriers, the Onya Baby Cruiser and the Onya Baby Outback. The only difference between the two carriers is that the Outback is for more rugged use so the material is rip-stop nylon body with air-mesh lining versus 100% cotton for the Cruiser.

Both carrier and $149 and have the same features:

  • Patent-pending integrated chair harness with safety strap
  • Tuck-away sleeping hood
  • Low-profile shoulder straps
  • Contoured low-profile, supportive waist belt
  • Sternum strap for adjustable comfort
  • Double-entry, side-zippered koala pouch and patch pocket
  • Seat darts for child’s comfort
  • Leg padding for baby
  • Toy loop on each shoulder strap
  • D-ring for attaching key clip (not included)
  • Safety-tested to 75 pounds
  • Machine washable
  • Use from 15 -45 lbs

The extra padded waistband and shoulder straps of the Onya provides more support and distributes weight better. One minor complaint is the straps for tightening are very smooth/silky so it is easy to tighten the carrier but when loosening, you have to be careful not to over do it. The smooth straps make it easy to loosen too much and quickly but then the nice thing is that you can just as easily tighten it quickly too. A bigger issue is that the Onya is on the high-end for a structured carrier. There are a lot of great carriers out there so my honest opinion is that if you love the seat harness feature then this is a great deal but if you don’t see yourself using it much than you can find another fantastic soft carrier for less. Ok final issue is that you cannot use the Onya until your baby has head control and is 15 lbs. All 3 of my kids had head control well before they were 15 lbs so that would have been close to 1 year old that I would not have been able to use the carrier…too long to wait!

The chair harness is the stand out feature of the Onya Carriers. It is such a awesome added benefit. While it may not be useful to everyone, I see it being awesome for urban families or families who tend to be out and about often. You just never realize how often these harness come in use!

I honestly like the Onya but I am not sure I would buy it because of the lack of newborn use (really what do you use until then another carrier?) and the price. I want to like it because of the chair harness but that is just not enough to sell me.