Difrax Pacifiers Available in the US

Netherland based company Difrax has been a leading brand for baby products since 1967. Still early in the game to the United States, the only products available here are Orthodontic Pacifiers and Classic Pacifiers. None of my children used pacifiers as babies so I do not have any personal experience with them but I have done enough research to learn what makes a great pacifier and the Difrax pacifiers are just fantastic. They have a 3 stage pacifier system that is unique compared to any other pacifier available in the US.

Difrax Pacifier Facts:

  • The unique butterfly design keeps the nose free and the ┬áholes allow for better air flow
  • Nipple made of soft, transparent silicone material
  • Flavourless and odorless
  • The pacifier is better for the child’s teeth than thumb-sucking
  • Colorful shield designs

I was sent the Orthodontic Pacifiers for review and not only do they have fun colors/patterns but they are also super beneficial in helping with the development of the jaw and mouth muscles.┬áThe round part of the nipple rests against the palate and the tongue presses against the flat side. The Ortho Pacifiers come in 3 stages (0-6 months, 6+ months, 18+ months) where each stage is different in supporting your baby’s development. The 0-6 month is your standard pacifier except it has the Difrax unique butterfly shape with air holes. The 6+ month has a larger shield and nipple. Finally, the 18+ month pacifier is “designed to encourage children to break the pacifier habit.” What sets this pacifier apart is the extra strong and solidly constructed nipple. The solid form makes it almost impossible for your child to bite. This nipple is familiar but not as satisfying. The hope is that your baby will slowly ditch the pacifier.

The Classic Pacifiers are also available in 3 stages but they differ in that the nipple is round to closely resemble the breast. Due to the nipple shape, there is no up or down when using the pacifier.

Difrax USA has a great site with a free downloadable book “The Giving Up Your Pacifier Book.” The book has stories, activities and games to help your baby ditch the pacifier habit in 15 days.

If you want to be prepped with pacifiers before your baby is born, you will not be sorry with Difrax! If your baby needs a pacifier to help soothe their fussiness, buy now online or in a store near you!