Free/Low-Cost Summer Activities

Summer is half over but there is still time to take advantage of the low-cost or free activities in your area. Here are some ideas of what you can do (short of going to the park):

1. Register your children at Kids Bowl Free and child will receive 2 Free Game of bowling all summer long. Check out the site to see if there is a bowling alley in your area that participates in this program. Each bowling alley specifies their own dates and times for the program and minimum age requirements are posted on their site too. The only thing you need to provide is shoes – which you can either rent or bring your own bowling shoes.

2. Go to this link to see which theaters offer children’s movies for cheap in the summer. Most of the movies are not current hits but to pay $1/person to see a movie in the theater was out last year…not a bad deal.

3. Go to your local public library for free events/activities and summer reading programs.

4. Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Program, Imagination Destination - read 8 books, record them on the Reading Journal and get a free book!

5. For a full list of summer reading programs see this link – Pottery Barn Kids

6. Chuck E Cheese Rewards 10 free tokens to each kid who accomplishes certain tasks. Just download the chart, check off each day your child accomplishes that task and when the chart is complete, bring it into Chuck E Cheese for 1o free tokens. (this is a year round program)

7. Need to shop at Ikea kids-free? Go on Tuesday for free lunch for your kids, let them play in the play area for 45 min for free while you shop. The perfect way to spend a Tuesday afternoon – everyone is happy.