Comotomo Baby Bottle

The Comotomo is a different type of baby bottle that babies and parents will love once they try it.

Features that moms and babies love:

  • 100% medical grade hygienic silicone – instead of the hard cased traditional bottle, this one is soft, squeezy and skin-like to resemble mom as much as possible
  • Non-toxic – free of BPA, PVC or phthalate materials
  • Super-wide mound (3 inches) and naturally shaped nipple to avoid nipple confusion and it allows for a sealed latch so no air gets ingested
  • 2 nipple flow rates available – slow (1 hole in teat) and medium (2 holes in teat)
  • 2 anti-colic vents on nipple
  • Super wide neck to easily clean the bottle by hand and manipulate te bottle as needed to get it clean- no bottle brush needed
  • Dishwasher and sterilizer safe – resistant to heat
  • Available in pink or green and in 2 sizes (250 ml=8 oz and 150 ml=5 oz)

The few downsides to the Comotomo:

  • Base is small so the bottle has a tendency to tip over – a problem really only when it is being filled
  • Bottles are expensive at $16.99 each. 
  • Hard to read liquid markings on the bottle
  • Due to the silicone material, hair and lint tend stick to the exterior of the bottle

On the other hand, the upside to buying a Comotomo is that they do not leak even when they are turned over. Also, there are only 3 parts (bottle, nipple, ring) to clean as compared to many other bottles. Finally, the squeezy silicone bottle makes it easy and comfortable for baby to hold their own bottle!