Namaste Yoga

A few months ago I met the founder of Namaste Kids, Amira Gaynor. Namaste Kid came about when Amira’s kids were young and she found them following the yoga routines she played on video. Amira realized there was an opportunity in that moment so she eventually “Put together a DVD that allowed children to exercise as long (or as short) as they wanted to.” When I met Amira, she gave me 2 of her Namaste Kid DVDs to try at home with my children. To be honest I never made the time to watch them with my children so the DVDs collected dust. With the kids out of school for the summer, we finally opened up the DVDs and I was surprised how much my kids have been into it. My boys and I have been doing at least 1 of the DVDs daily and they really enjoy them (I do too!).

The DVDs are about 30 minutes long divided into mini chapters. Kids can tailor their yoga exercise how they want, only do a few chapters, only do their favorite chapters or do the whole thing. The “…yoga videos simply feature an instructor and her mat. The instructor looks into the camera, giving children the impression that the instructor is speaking directly to them.” The instructors make the routines fun by creating stories out of the routines and naming the poses with animals, shapes etc…things kids can understand and relate to. In addition, the instructors include positive¬†affirmations (ex – I am strong, I am capable, I am loved) for children that the children are instructed to repeat – what a powerful confidence builder.

So far my 6 year old and 4 year old have been doing the entire video every day. This evening I gave them them the choice of playing a board game or doing yoga and they actually chose yoga Рthat shows you how much fun they are having with it. If I had known the DVDs would be a hit in my family, I would have started my kids with them months ago. One point is that I think my 6 year old is on the verge of getting old for these DVDs. Not in terms of the actual exercises but in terms of the stories, poses names etc. I would love for Namaste Kid to come out with a DVD geared towards slightly older children. 

My boys are very active so it is not like they need more activity but I really like how yoga teaches them patience, gives them flexibility, strength, balance and confidence.

I love, love, love Namaste Kid DVDs. I never realized how beneficial it would be for my children. Not only does Namaste Kid have DVDs, but they also have clothing, yoga mats for children, water bottles etc. To catch a glimpse of the yoga videos, click on the DVD!