BabyBjorn Babysitter Balance

The well-renowned company Baby Bjorn, is not only know for their baby carriers but they also have a baby bouncer that is just as great but a little less known even though it has been around for 50 years. The Babysitter Balance is and natural rocking seat. Your child’s movements rock the bouncer thereby building your child’s balance and motor skill. Fortunately that allows parents to be hands free but unfortunately, until baby learns how to rock the bouncer then you will have to rock it for them. The Babysitter Balance has 3 positions of play, rest and sleep. In addition, it folds flat for storage or transportation. The ergonomic design and molded seat ensure baby’s comfort and proper back and head support. The child restraint, sturdy footrest and non-skid pads ensure the safety of your baby.

The Babysitter comes in 3 machine washable fabric options:

  1. Cotton Mix – durable cotton and polyester blend
  2. Airy Mesh Fabric – best in a warm climate, breathable 3-D mesh, dries quickly after washing
  3. Organic Cotton

All fabrics are kind to your baby’s delicate skin and completely harmless to taste. They are approved in accordance with Oeko-Tex Standard 100, class 1 for baby products, which guarantees that they are free from harmful and allergenic substances. The fabrics also meet both European and American safety standards. 

The Babysitter Balance can be used from newborn up to age 2 (8-29 lbs) although the bouncer can only be used in each position up to certain weight maximums (Play: max 29 lbs/13 kg, Rest: max 22 lbs/10 kg, Sleep: max 15 lbs/7 kg).

According to medical professionals, the Babysitter can assist with soothing colic, helping a baby sleep better and stimulating the vestibular system. BabyBjorn products have been developed in collaboration with Pediatricians from Sweden, Germany and the US.

The BabyBjorn Babysitter Balance is a visually appealing bouncer. Very modern and sleek so it does not scream baby. The only thing the Babysitter lacks is toys to entertain baby! There are so many reasons to love it: high-quality, easy to clean, lightweight, folds flat etc. There is only one reason why you would not buy it, the price. At a listed price of $190 it is steep considering you can get a bouncer for less than half that price.