The All NEW Knocked-Up Fitness After Baby 2 DVD Set by Erica Ziel

Disclosure: I have received Knocked-uP Fitness After Baby DVD Set to facilitate my review.  

Earlier this year, I reviewed the Knocked-Up Fitness Prenatal Pilates DVD Series featuring Erica Ziel. I love her exercise videos and I still do them even though I am far from being pregnant. I recently received the NEW Knocked-Up Fitness After Baby 2 DVD Set and started doing these videos a few weeks ago. With 3 young children of her own (I can relate to her because our kids are all the exact same age) Ziel knows what moms are looking for. The 2 DVD set is full of 10 short workouts that you can do in any order although each workout is about 15 minutes (some being more and some being less) with the workouts increasing in intensity as you go through them.

The first DVD is for beginner and intermediate level focusing on kegals, arm sculpting, functional squats and full body pilates-infused exercises. These workouts will strengthen you and help you with holding your baby and getting your body back in control.

The 2nd DVD is for intermediate to advanced level. The exercises rebuild your abs which is a challenge for your core. In addition, it focuses on the butt, legs, cardio exercises, plyo exercises and advanced full-body pilates-infused workouts.

Unless you are an exercise buff, even veteran moms will feel the burn from the workouts. I was tired after the first 2 workouts on DVD 1. Granted I do not exercise so it will take me a long while to build up through the 1st DVD, let alone the 2nd DVD. I am excited to have a video that I love and that I can squeeze in between my mommying and blogging. I highly recommend Knocked-Up Fitness exercise videos as a great exercise from home video – I LOVE IT!