Phil & Teds Wriggle Wrapper

Have a wriggly baby? Phil & Teds Wriggle Wrapper will keep your active little one safe and secure. It is a cool little device that has 3 functions:

1. Strap a sitting baby onto a chair

2. While mom or dad is sitting, strap your baby to yourself so you can be hands free

3. Strap your baby onto a bed so they can sleep without rolling off.

The Wriggle Wrapper makes multi-tasking a breeze. It is lightweight, compact, comfortable for baby and easy to use. Made from a durable fabric and comes in 2 colors, red and gray. The anti-slip rubber grip on the underside prevents your baby from slipping in a chair while the adjustable straps allow for the best fit for baby. The Wriggle Wrapper comes with its own travel bag and and extension straps to use when baby is sleeping. Use the Wriggle Wrapper for newborns up to 24 months.

I love the Wriggle Wrapper for chair use. It allows your baby to sit at the table while out and about and also gives you freedom if a high chair is no where to be found. I am not convinced the Wriggle Wrapper is ideal for sleeping. It is fine maybe for a newborn who does not move but any baby who is a mover when sleeping will not enjoy being confined to the bed on their back. I envision non-stop screaming from an older baby who is strapped in a bed when they are supposed to sleep.