Baby’s Journey Comfy Cozy Tub & Towel Warmer

Disclosure: I have received the Baby’s Journey Comfy Cozy Tub & Towel Warmer Set to facilitate to my review. All opinions are 100% my own.

I few weeks ago I introduced you to Baby’s Journey, a new baby product company that has developed some very practical and unique products to improve parent and baby’s life. I had the opportunity to review the Comfy Cozy Tub & Towel Warmer Set and it makes me wish I had a baby again so I can actually use the tub. I had a very basic bath tub with sling that all 3 of my children used as babies. The Comfy Cozy Tub is not fancy but just way more functional:

  • Detachable tub legs so you can adjust the height of the tub – only remove the front 2 legs to angle the tub, remove all 4 legs to lower the tub
  • Patented Roller-Sling – for infants but when you no longer need it, retract it (like a sun shade on a car window rolls up) and remove it
  • Extra large tub for up to 2 years

I love the Roller-Sling! I love how it lays flat on top of the tub. Many slings are either flat which you just lay on the counter or slanted which can be placed in the tub but then your baby slowly slides down (that is how my bath tub sling was ). The flat sling on the tub allows water to drain into the tub but also ensures your baby is safe when having a bath. I also love that the Roller-Sling retracts back so when it is no longer needed, it is compact to store away. 

The Towel Warmer is luxury! Place anything up to a full size towel into the warmer and in 10 minutes it is warm and ready to go. It feels like wrapping yourself in a warm towel that comes straight from the dryer. While the Towel Warmer is not so necessary in the hot summer days, it is perfect for an infant who cannot regulate their body temperature. During and after bath, many infants are unhappy due to being cold, wrapping them in a warm towel immediately after bath will make them feel so much better. Although, the Towel Warmer is useful for older children and even parents in the winter. I know my children will love to wrap themselves in a warm towel after coming out of a warm shower in the winter. It was not necessary since it is so warm these days, but I can only imagine how much use we (why not spoil yourself too) will get out of it in the colder days.
Features of the Towel Warmer:
  • Safely warms towels, blankets, onesies
  • Auto-shut off
  • Runs on power AC adapter
  • Warms full size bath towels in 10 minutes
  • Maximum capacity – 30 lbs

The one thing about the Towel Warmer, is that it is not safe for children to handle. While the towel is getting warm, the chamber is hot inside and the lid is warm. It will have to be used with caution!

The Comfy Cozy Tub & Towel Warmer Set is $70. If you all ready have a bath tub but want the awesome Towel Warmer, it is sold separately for $50. Baby’s Journey also sells the Bath Tub with Roller-Sling for $30.