Unique Paper Goods at Zatetic Studios

Zatetic Studios, by owner and designer ,Megan Spindler is a custom paper goods making business. Megan recently sent me a sample of a few of her products so I can see how cool and custom her products really are. Under Zatetic Studios, you can order products through Smiles by Megan or her Etsy Shop.

Smiles by Megan is a subscription shop in which you can order a package to have cards or postcards sent via snail mail to seniors. The front of the card or postcard are your personalized and custom artwork, photo or drawing with the other side being the personal note. Megan does all the work for you, you just provide the front picture and letter/note and she does the rest, even mails it out.  Our seniors lived on snail mail their whole life, keep the joy. A happy card mixed in with bills will put a smile on their face.

Through Megan’s Etsy Shop, you can order custom invitations, cards, labels, brag books, photo books etc. With over 50 paper goods in her shop, there is a lot of paper goods to choose from. My favorite item in Megan’s Etsy Shop is her book with 4 pages. It is a great way to display pictures, dates and other important info you want to share with a loved one. You can stand it on a table or fold it flat to carry in your wallet.

If you have a senior in your life who deserves a little joy or you need cards for that birthday party coming up, no order is too small for Megan. All products are made with quality, heavy weight, eco-friendly paper that is flat or folded 4 x 9.25″ stock. They fit in business size, square flap, colored envelopes. The products are proudly designed, printed, and assembled in Megan’s Wisconsin studio.