I have a friend who had her stroller stolen at Disneyland and I remember how mad she was. Not only did she have to go the rest of the without a stroller for her 2 year old but she also had to fork over the money to buy a new stroller when she got home. A stolen stroller has always been a worry of mine when leaving my stroller unattended at busy places. After mom Annette Mendoza had 2 strollers stolen she came up with a retractable lock so that would never happen to her again. There was born BuggyGuard.

BuggyGuard is a retractable stroller lock with a 4 foot metal cable encased in plastic (about 3×4 inches by 1 inch thick). The plastic case is either an animal shape (panda, piggy, monkey etc…) or a rectangle box. The cable is vinyl coated to protect your stroller from getting scratched. The lock is a combination of 3 numbers on the back of the case.


BuggyGuard can be used to lock your stroller to a bike rack or light pole or you can wind the cable through the wheels and around the stroller to make it difficult for anyone to roll the stroller away. The added benefit is you can loop the cable through your diaper bag handle if you choose to leave your bag with your stroller. Now you really can be hands free and stress free when having fun with your kids.


The BuggyGuard is $24.99 which is very reasonable considering you are potentially saving your stroller from theft. You can probably buy a bike lock for less but the key with the BuggyGuard is that it is compact, has velcro loops to hang it from your stroller and comes in fun designs.