Baby Connect App

There are many baby tracker apps available but Baby Connect is a top rated app by users and reviewers. Baby Connect allows you to track your baby’s feeding, diapers, sleep, mood, activities, medicines and photos. The app can be shared by multiple users (mom, dad, nanny, grandparent etc…) and a user can even send a message through the app to another user. If you are not on your phone or tablet, access the app through your web browser on your computer…multiple points of entry. Baby Connect allows more than 1 baby to be tracked in the same app so it is a great app for twins.

After baby is a few months then you may not need the app as much for feedings and diapering etc but it will still be useful to track medicine dosage when baby is sick, doctor appointments, milestones and even potty training when the time comes.

Exporting the data is easy to do so you save it for memory purposes. If you are into it, Baby Connect even creates graphs so you can view the data entered in summary.

Baby Connect is $4.99 and available on Android, iPhone, iPad and Kindle Fire.