The Children Ban

An increasing number of restaurants around the country are banning children during certain hours of the day or at all. Many people (with kids) are upset about these bans are you? I have 3 young kids myself so I understand that kids are not always quiet and calm Рeven the most well behaved kids have melt downs. I also know that when my husband and I go out on date night, it is nice to be somewhere quiet and relaxing. We tend to choose restaurants that are family friendly when we have the kids  so if they are noisy it will blend in with the crowd. If its just my husband and I we tend to go to non-family friendly restaurants so we can enjoy a meal in peace. Which means if I do not have my children I do not want to be disturbed by other children so I understand the ban. Although, I would be upset if more and more establishments starting banning children (especially the family friendly ones).

Take it a step further and other places are starting to ban children or create no-children zones such as Singapore Airlines and Malaysia Airlines. A few months I was on a flight with my 3 kids who luckily do well on airplanes. On the other hand, there was a family a few rows ahead of us with 2 young kids (5 and 2). The 2 year old screamed for much of the flight and many passengers (including myself) were getting really irritated because mom was trying to calm her daughter down while dad just sat there reading his magazine and without even trying to help the situation. I can see how passengers without kids would be irritated and annoyed.

I think the issue of no kids comes down to allowing other customers to enjoy their meal, flight, shopping experience etc. How do you feel about the no kids rule? I know I initially was put off by this ban but when I really sat down to think about it, the bans make sense, paying customers have a right to peace and quiet too!