4Moms Spout Cover

Baby safety in the bath tub is imperative because there are so many hidden dangers. Slipping, water temperature, drowning. and hitting a head on the faucet are some of the few dangers parents need to be aware of. 4Moms, known for their high-tech baby gear has a Spout Cover that solves 2 of the dangers with 1 neat little gadget. Versatile to fit on most bath tub spouts, the soft, foam cover keeps your baby safe from bumps. A hook and loop closure keeps the cover on the spout securely. The built-in thermometer allows you to check the water temperature quickly and easily. The digital thermometer is color coded with a red background to indicate the water is too hot, blue background to indicate the water is too cold and a green background to indicate the water temperature is just right! The gadget beeps and flashes if the water temperature is in the red or blue zone so you will never get it wrong. The cover has an easy-access diverter so you don’t have to remove the cover to convert from bath to shower. The cover is mildew resistant, easy to clean and requires 3 AAA batteries to operate the temperature gauge. For $30 you too can have this highly rated Spout Cover by 4Moms.