Tommee Tippee’s NEW 360° Sealer™ Diaper Disposal System

Disclosure: I have received the Tommee Tippee’s NEW 360° Sealer™ Diaper Disposal System to facilitate to my review. All opinions are 100% my own.

I have had the same diaper disposal system for the past 6 1/2 years. It has been through 3 children and no matter how clean it is, it just stinks. As a result, we have always kept it in the garage to keep the smell out of the house. I was so ready to get rid of it and buy a new one but then Tommee Tippee offered to send me the NEW 360° Sealer™ Diaper Disposal System. I was ecstatic to get a new diaper disposal but more specifically the 360 sealer because I had all ready read such great things about it.


  • Comes fully assembled with 1 x Refill or 4 x Refills in Extra Value Pack
  • Just drop the diaper in the top and twist the dial 360 degrees to seal
  • Super seal technology seals the diaper all the way around, helping to lock in odor
  • No need to push our hand inside so disposal is more hygibabienic
  • Antimicrobial film helps control bacterial odor
  • Film is easy to tear, making emptying quick and hassle free
  • EasiSlide drawer makes the pail easy to open when it’s time to empty
  • Pail holds up to 30 diapers*
  • Refill seals up to 100 diapers of any size
What I love about the 360 Sealer is that the smell is contained because every diaper is sealed all the way around in antimicrobial bags. No chance of any odor to escape (just to be on the safe side I still keep it in the garage but I like that it does not smell at all!). I also appreciate the more hygienic approach to dropping the diaper in, close the lid, turn the dial and voila the diaper is gone. The Sealer is so easy to use! When the pail is full, simply open the drawer, turn the dial to release more of the bag, tear and throw away. When the film is close to running out, you will see a red line warning you that you have a few bags left before it is time to replace the film.
One downside to the 360 Sealer is the size. It is short and wide. The height  is fine for most people but the width is an issue because it does take up more space where ever you keep it. Some users also complain that the 360 sealer does not contain the odor but if you do not turn the dial all the way around, the bag is not sealed and smell will escape.
Prior to receiving the 360 Sealer, I was not a fan of diaper pails that require their specific bags because it can get expensive. I am now a convert, after experience the stink associated with my previous diaper pail. I have been using the 360 Sealer for a few weeks and am now convinced that this is the way to go (especially if you keep the diaper pail in the house). The 360 Sealer retails for $49.99 and is exclusively sold at Babies R Us. The refill bags are 7.99 each or for a box of 3 it is $21.99.