Lean Mommy and Mama Wants by Lisa Druxman

Disclosure: I have received the Lean Mommy book and Mama Wants Her Body Back DVD to facilitate to my review. All opinions are 100% my own.

A few weeks ago I was reading an article online about Kate Middleton and how her weight has bounced back 6 weeks post baby. The article quoted Lisa Druxman, the author of “Lean Mommy” and the fitness DVD “Mama Wants Her Body Back.” I was intrigued by Druxman’s book and and DVD so I contacted her agent regarding a review. They were kind enough to send me a copy of the book and DVD. Druxman is real, she lets you know that you can get your body back but be realistic. Celebrities make us think and feel like we should bounce back to our pre-baby body 6 weeks after baby but Druxman says “it took nine months for you to change your body, and it should take at least nine to change it back.”

With a degree in psychology with an emphasis in exercise adherence and weight control and as an authority in pre and postnatal fitness, Druxman created the weight management program L.E.A.N (Learn Eating Awareness and Nutrition) Mommy.  Druxman also created Stroller Strides, now known as Fit4Mom. With more than 1,300 locations throughout the US, Stroller Strides is a class where mom can meet other moms and also get back into shape with baby and stroller in tow.

Lean Mommy, the book provides the reader with “the proven techniques of Stroller Strides to moms everywhere, with a total fitness program for prenatal and postnatal exercise and nutrition.” Not only will the reader learn exercises with the stroller but she will also learn how to do exercises with front wearing babies. In addition, Druxman provides the reader with “eating plans to combat post-baby weight gain, energy loss, and mood swings.” The book is great for not only doling out exercise and diet advice but it really gives you advice on how to live a healthy lifestyle. While some of the diet info you may all ready know, the exercises are helpful but the motivation and encouragement you get from reading the book is really what will get you to your goal.

The DVDs “Mama Wants Her Body Back” are a series of fitness DVDs that mom can do in the comfort of her own home. The DVD I received includes three 20 minutes workouts that each consist of 5 mini workout routines. Each of the 3 workouts focuses on cardio, strength and core. The great thing about the 20 minute breaks is that you can do as many workouts as your baby will allow. The DVD also includes a bonus workout of three 10 minute workouts that focus on abs. The DVD will give you a full body workout if you were to rotated through the routines, if not every day but as much as you can squeeze in.

Follow Lisa Druxman’s advice and in no time you will get back to a healthy lifestyle which is more important than how much weight you lost or how your body looks post baby!