VTech iDiscover App Activity Table

Just in time for the holidays, the VTech iDiscover App Activity Table is an activity table that is fun as just an activity table but then does so much more once you hook up your iPad or Android tablet up to it (any tablet size works). This interactive activity table may be the perfect holiday gift for your little one.

Activity Table Features:

  • Light up piano keys
  • Steering wheel
  • Gear shifter
  • Ignition key
  • Horn
  • Drum
  • Slide and match animal bead maze in the middle
  • Plays 80 sing along songs/melodies/phrases/tunes
  • Spinning roller bar and more

To use the tablet with the table, remove the center slide and match game and snap your tablet in. Your tablet is protected by a hard plastic case so little hands can’t get it dirty or break it. Watch as the table comes to life as it communicates with 6 free downloadable learning games. The activity table connects with the games to teach letters, numbers, shapes and more. The greatest thing is that the screen rotates so it is always facing your child. So if your baby is playing with the steering wheel then the screen will rotate in that direction.

The VTech iDiscover App Activity Table is the perfect table for your little one from 9 months to 3 years old. When your baby is young they can be thoroughly entertained by the table but as they grow older, the tablet games gives your little one more to do. A $45 investment that is useful up to the age of 3 is a steal considering most activity tables can cost about $35-50 without the additional benefit of the tablet games. Although if you do not all ready own a tablet then the cost of the table goes up if you buy one just for the table. The activity table I had was fantastic for my children until they were walking but after that they got bored. I love that this one can be used for many years because they won’t get as bored with the interactive games.