Last Minute Costumes for Your Baby

Halloween is only a week away. It is hard enough planning for the next day let alone buying or making a Halloween costume. For our busy and tired parents, here are some easy to put-together last-minute costume ideas:

1. Pig in a Blanket – Dress baby in pink, wrap a blanket around her, make pig ears out of felt and attach to a headband. Paint paint baby’s nose pink.

2. Black Eyed Peas – Dress baby ins a black outfit. Paint a black eye on baby and put a big letter “P” on baby’s shirt. If you have another child you can make them the Black Eyed Peas (as in the music group).

3. Baby Burrito – Wrap a swaddled baby in foil and write Chipotle on the the foil wrapper.

4. Football – Brown onesie or outfit with white tape down and across the middle to look like the seams of a football. An older sibling can be the football player.

5. Burglar and Loot – Parent dresses in all black with black hat and eye mask to look like a burglar and then dress baby in a natural colored sleepsack or onesie and hat. Put the “$” symbol on the front of outfit with a few fake bills glued to the hat.

6. Gardner and Flower – Mom dresses like a gardener (overalls, straw hat, tool belt with garden tools etc…). Dress baby in all green with a big fake flower (or a bunch of flowers on a green hat. Can also make felt green leaves and attach to body for additional detail. 

7. Crayon – Solid colored outfit with a matching birthday hat. Write “Crayola” down the center of the shirt.

8. Artist – Oversized white shirt to look like a smock. Splatter the shirt and a canvas with some paint,  give baby a paintbrush and for extra effect, dab some non-toxic paint on baby’s face.

9. Ghost – Oversized white shirt, put a black felt face on the front. Can makeit girly by doing the same thing with a white onesie and white tutu.

10. Charlie Brown – Yellow shirt with a black zig zag around the middle, black shorts, brown shoes, yellow socks and a snoopy plush dog as an accessory. Even better if your baby does not have a lot of hair yet. 

11. Spider – This looks awesome with a crawling baby. Dress baby in black pants and shirt, stuff 4 black tube socks and quickly sew to the shirt and baby is a crawling spider. You can add a red circle on the back for added effect to look like a black widow.

12. 80s Aerobics Instructor – Leggings, onesie, tights, headband and arm bands and baby is ready to go. Give baby a small fake boombox for added effect.