Hands of My Belly

Pregnancy is an amazing thing! Pregnant women often draw in curious/nosy strangers and harrassing strangers who rub or pat your belly. Did that happen to you? It happened to me at least once in each of my pregnancies and I detested it! It is one thing if its someone I know but another thing entirely when a stranger feels the need to rub the belly. Its awkward and uncomfortable because we know they would never do that (we hope) if I did not have a baby in there. So what gave them the right to touch my pregnant tummy. Keep your hands to yourself – isn’t that we teach our children?

Lucky for pregnant moms, an old Pennsylvania law, brought to the limelight by a recent case, makes it illegal to touch a pregnant belly without consent. This statue falls under the state’s harassment law.

Do you agree should it be illegal for someone to touch a pregnant belly without consent?