Toppy Toddler Stress-Free Baby Bib

Disclosure: I have received the Toppy Toddler Stress-Free Baby Bib to facilitate to my review. All opinions are 100% my own.

Babies and food are a messy combination! No matter how you much you dislike the mess, it is inevitable with a self-feeding toddler. My 21 month old insists on feeding herself  and says “self” every time I try to feed her. As a result, her clothes, the table, the chair and the floor end up so dirty!! Toppy Toddler recently sent me the Stress-Free Baby Bib so I can experience a cleaner meal. They also included a Nuby Easy Go Suction Bowl to test with the bib.

The Toppy Toddler Bib is a bib that attaches via velcro to a placemat which creates a pocket for falling food that does not quite make it into baby’s mouth. A hole in the placemat allows for a suction bowl or plate to attach to the table, thereby preventing the placemat from moving. This Bib is the answer to those tiring meals. Mess is contained to the Bib which can be wiped clean but is also machine wash safe. The Bib is convenient to fold and take on the go. Your baby can use the bib and placemat together or separately.

My daughter normally rips off her bib the second we put them on her but this one was a novelty so she actually kept it on. A few weeks of use and my daughter keeps her Toppy Toddler one. It works perfect with those messy meals in the morning. I actually cut my cleaning time (less sweeping, and table cleaning) by about 5 minutes…that is huge when it comes to getting to school on time. I am a huge fan of Toppy Toddler for those self-feeding little ones.

Toppy Toddler Bibs retails for $9.39 and comes in many different colors and patterns. On the Toppy Toddler site, you can also buy suction bowls and plates if you do not all ready own one.