Combi High Chair

Combi, is a company name derived from the word “combination” which refers to the relationship between children and their caregivers. Established in 1989, Combi products makes children a little happier and parenting a little easier. The Combi High Chair is one of those products that promises to follow the Combi mission.


  • 5 position height adjustment
  • 3 position, 1-handed seat recline
  • Adjustable 5 point harness with shoulder pads
  • Removable tray with removable, dishwasher safe insert – tray stores on the back of the seat when not in use
  • Wipe clean padded seat pad
  • Foot rest for baby
  • Compact fold
  • Molded rear wheels for easy transport
  • Easy assembly
  • High chair weight – 22.5 lbs
  • For children up to 3 years and 40 lbs
  • 3 colors – bronze, black, raspberry
The few problems I forsee with the Combi High Chair is that food will get caught in nooks and crannies in the Combi High Chair. The high chair has a large footprint when open and it is not the slimmest when folded. It is nice that it folds to get out of the way when not in use but it still does take up space.

The Combi High Chair is new enough that there is not much user reviews. . I really like the height adjustment so toddlers can be pulled up to the table and eat with the rest of the family. The recline function is great for smaller babies who are not quite sitting up independently but have started solids. The easy to clean seat pad is convenient for messy meals and the removable tray insert is perfect for cleaning instead of having to clean the whole tray. Not to mention, all the buttons and levers that make all the functions happen, makes life easy for parents. The Combi High ChairĀ is available for $180 which is a decent price for a high chair that has so many practical functions.