CityGrips – Stroller Handlebar Grips Covers Review

Disclosure: I have received the Choopie CityGrips to facilitate to my review. All opinions are 100% my own.

Choopie, a family of modern products, creates “innovative, affordable and stylish products that make life easier and brighter for parents.” The idea of CityGrips came about when mom and founder NYC mom Camie Gontier was grossed out by the sticky, germy stroller handles that could not be washed. To combat the problem, she developed CityGrips so all strollers could have a removable, washable, soft, durable, stylish handle covers.


  • Slip onto stroller handlebars in seconds
  • Protect handlebars from wear and tear
  •  Machine wash and dry
  • Tons of stylish patterns 
  • Made of plush, silky, durable material
  • Available for double handlebar or single handlebars
  • $12.95/pair
I put the Grey Elephant CityGrips on my Orbit handlebars which had torn over time. I could have purchased a new pair of handlebar covers from Orbit but why do that when I can have washable, durable, easily removable covers. CityGrips are perfect because they cover the ripped eyesores and they make my black/grey stroller a little more fun. CityGrips are also great for those strollers that have hard plastic handlebars. They make the handlebars a lot more comfortable to hold. Lets face it, the handlebars get dirty and germy over time but now with CityGrips you have the luxury of being clean and germ-free. Cold and flu season is approaching and it is time to be more vigilant about germs and cleanliness. Why not invest in an affordable pair of useful and stylish CityGrips.