A Modern, Stylish and Super Expensive Baby Hammock

The most modern, stylish, coolest but most expensive baby cradle is the Hushamok, an Organic Baby Hammock. The Hushamok Hammock provides your baby with that natural swinging and rocking motion that they require to sleep peacefully and safely.dre A US and EU safety certified baby cradle, the Hushamok Hammock makes it easier for a newborn to transition from the womb to the outside world.


Hammock Features:

  • Use from newborn up to 22 pounds or if baby starts rolling then stop
  • Mattress filled with hypoallergenic polyester
  • 2 400 thread cotton organic sheets
  • Hammock made of 100% organic cotton and is machine washable
  • Patented Leaf Spring – connects the hammock to the stand – provides a rhythmic rocking motion but also prevents the hammock from tilting even if baby is a kicker or mover
  • Slight elevation at head – helps prevent acid reflux and aids in the prevention of colic (along with the design of the Hammock and the natural rocking motion)
  • $249


  • Sold separately from Hammock
  • Crescent shaped
  • Dream Stand – brushed aluminum that does not rust, 14 lbs, $276
  • Okoa Stand- a natural sustainable harvested European Beechwood with aluminum castings, 24 lbs, $349

The Hushamok Hammock will run you at minimum $526 up to $598. I am in shock by the price but I am still drooling. This is one of those items  that you admire from far, like an expensive piece of art.