Book Review: Momma Love by Ali Smith


When I first heard about Momma Love: How the Mother Half Lives by photographer and author Ali Smith, I could not wait to get my hands on this beautiful book of stories and photographs. I read about the book but I wanted more and was lucky enough to work with Ali Smith and get my very own autographed copy of Momma Love.


Diana in the Hospital – Page 64

Momma Love grew from an obsession with motherhood well before she had children. After watching her mother struggle with depression, becoming a step-mother and eventually a biological mother, Ali Smith started collecting stories and photographs of real mothers. Momma Love celebrates mothers and the challenges and struggles and opportunities they face. A rich and vibrant book that depicts real moms in their everyday element. Some stories are heartwarming while others pull at your heart but as a mother reading this book, you realize that we are all in the same boat. We all face different types of challenges and struggles but our ultimate goal is the same. Once I started reading Momma Love, I could not get enough…it was that compelling!


Hannah and Lizzie and Christmas Dinner – page 27

Momma Love went for sale on May 1 and is still available for purchase. This would be a lovely book to give to your mom or friend. Just in time for the holidays, purchase Momma Love: How the Mother Half Lives now for $31.50, which is 30% off the original price. You will make someone very happy with this special gift.