Hygeia – Eco Friendly Breast Pumps

Breastfeeding and pumping are not easy but they are rewarding. Breastfeeding takes time to get the hang of but pumping can sometimes be an ordeal. In order to make pumping a little easier, finding the right breast pump is important. In 2007, Richard Weston and his wife Maria founded Hygeia, a company that is “committed to creating a breast pump that better met the needs of moms who were committed to breastfeeding and needed an affordable, hospital-grade performance pump for home and personal use. They also envisioned a pump that was more “Green” – one that would never end up in a landfill.” If you are into finding an affordable, well-made, “green” breast pump then read on to learn more about how a Hygeia pump may be the one for you.

What Makes Hygeia Different:

La Leche League International (LLLI)— The only breast pump company endorsed by LLLI and every Hygeia pump comes with a free annual Supporting Membership to LLLI.

Returnable – Retail breast pumps can be returned in the first 3 weeks.

Hospital-Grade Performance – All personal-use electric breast pumps have the performance and hygienic features found in hospitals. Read more here.

Ecological – The pumps are closed system so they can be rented and shared between mothers who use their own pumping sets.  You can share your breast-pump with another mom when you’re done or return it to Hygeia for recycling or reuse. Optional rechargeable lithium batteries that lasts for 4 hours (as opposed to AA batteries that end up in landfills).

WHO Code – Hygeia supports the World Health Organization’s International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes.  They believe that breast milk is the normal way to feed human babies and choose to market our products without undermining breastfeeding in any way.

Support – Hygeia provides qualified referrals with trusted experts in local areas who can provide personal support.

Value – Hygeia makes hospital-grade performance pumps that can be purchased or rented. The pumps cost less upfront and are designed to be used for more than one baby. Hygeia pumps also have a 3 year warranty.

BPA and DEHP Free – All pump parts that come in touch with breast milk are BPA- and DEHP- free.

Hygeia sells Double Electric Pumps and Manual Pumps. Some of their pumps may be covered under your insurance plan, check out this link to find out which breast pump you can get from your insurance!