Fisher Price FastFinder Diaper Bags

Is your husband/partner a hands on dad? If so, the Fisher Price FastFinder Diaper Bags will be dad’s best friend. Fisher Price thought of everything with their Fast Finder bags because you literally have a pocket for everything which means you will quickly find what you need when you need it. Twenty-one bags in the collection and each bag has exterior pockets specifically designed and labelled with picture label tags for wipes, diapers, bottles and pacifiers. Some of the key perks is the wipes case opens with the press of a button to quickly grab a wipe. The pacifier pocket is lined with easy to wipe fabric to keep the pacifier clean even if it is not in a case. The bottle pocket is insulated to keep drinks cold. The inside of the bags are roomy with more pockets to store essentials and it comes with a changing pad. All the bags have luggage feet so the bags stand upright when placed on the ground.

The few downsides to the bag are difficulty opening the wipes case, as mentioned by some users. The bottle pockets will not hold taller bottles and finally the changing pad is a on the smaller side.

The Fisher Price FastFinder Diaper Bags are manly enough for the male in your life. Your husband/partner will not mind carrying this one around, they will actually thank you for the convenience and looks. The bags range in price from $34 to $45, reasonable and affordable.