NurturMe Organic Baby Food Review


Prepared and packaged baby food has come a long way since I had my first baby 6 1/2 years ago.  Organic, easy, healthy and convenient are the new way to go for busy or on the go moms. NurturMe is a company that brings those features in baby food. Launched in 2010 by 2 moms, Caroline Freedman and Lauren McCullough, in Austin, Texas, NurturMe foods are all USDA Organic, BPA Free, NON GMO, Gluten Free foods (except for 1 variety) and Kosher.

NurturMe freeze and drum dries the foods because there is less heat exposure…there is a higher preservation of nutrients and phytochemicals. And in terms of sensory quality, freeze and drum dried foods retain more flavor, texture and color than canned foods, making them look better and taste fresher. NurturMe does not contain any salts, sugars or preservatives. Some foods have organic additives such as sunflower lecithin or maltodextrin (carbohydrate extracted from corn) as emulsifiers since all the foods are gluten-free.

NurturMeals are freeze dried or drum-dried baby food in which you simply add water, breastmilk or whole milk to make creamy fresh-tasting baby food. All NurturMeals . NurtureMeals are safe for babies 4+ months up to children 4 years old but to be honest any child or adult can benefit from these meals added to any dish. NurturMeals range from Protein-Packed Quinoa for first eaters to Single Serving Fruits and Vegetables to Blends (combo of fruits, vegetables and quinoa).

NurturMe also sells Yum-a-Roos which are organic dehydrated fruits and veggies bites. A healthy snack to take on the go.

NurturMe was kind enough to send me a variety of packs for review. I made pasta for my kids and mixed in the quinoa to make a protein rich meal. I love how easy these packs are to use on the go or when you only have time for a quick meal you can throw in a NurturMeal to add a punch of nutrition and flavor. These packs are the best on the go meals for early eaters. My middle son really liked the Caribbean Crop, which was a 1.5 serving size pack of dehydrated pea, banana and pineapple.

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