According to the Latest Research, are You Putting Your Toddler to Sleep too Early?

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According to a study conducted by researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder, parents may be putting their kids to sleep too early. Their research shows that the bedtime you select for your toddler may be out of sync with his or her internal body clock, which can contribute to difficulties for youngsters attempting to settle in for the night.  The hormone melatonin rises in the evening which indicates the start of the biological nighttime. Toddlers in the study who had later rises of melatonin took longer to fall asleep. Most kids do not get to select their bed time so as parents we set it but we may be making a huge mistake. If a toddlers melatonin rises later in the evening, then they may have more temper tantrums, getting out of bed instead of sleeping and sleepless nights if they are put to sleep too early. Toddlers with a longer period of time between melatonin rises and bedtime tend to sleep better and fall asleep faster. This research is very telling considering 25% of toddlers and preschoolers have difficulty settling down to sleep.

I am not sure what to think because some nights my children fall asleep right away and then other nights they talk, play and delay bedtime as much as possible. I put all 3 of my children down to sleep at the same time, about 7:30-8pm, but I wonder if I am doing it all wrong?

What do you think about this study? Are your children falling asleep as soon as you put them to sleep or are they procrastinating sleep with tantrums, getting out of bed, asking for water, getting up to go potty etc?