Ouidad’s KRLY Kids Hair Products

I have been on a quest to find new hair products for my curly girly. I found one that I like but I keep looking to see if I can find something better. A few weeks ago after searching online, I stumbled upon Ouidad, “The Queen of Curl.” An internationally recognized stylist, salon owner, mother, author and global educator, Ouidad launched her first hair product and salon in 1984 and ever since then has expanded her line to include every hair product imaginable. Then in 2004, Ouidad launched the KRLY Kids collection. Made for curly haired kids of all ages, the products are gentle, moisturizing and easy to use.



KRLY Kids Line:

  1. No Time for Tears Shampoo – gentle, tear-free formula (8.5 oz – $14)
  2. No More Knots Conditioner – 2-in-1 detangling rinse and leave-in conditioner (8.5 oz $15)
  3. Pump & Go Spray Go – defines curls and protects against humidity (8.5 oz – $16)

Ouidad products work amazing in curly hair according to every testimonial/review out there but my one gripe is that the products are not all natural. I wish it were because then I would jump at buying the KRLY Kids products for my daughter. The prices are reasonable for specialty products, which may seem high but the price is comparable.

Well since I did not get it for her, I did end up buying products from the non-kids line for my wavy hair and I am a huge fan. While I do not wear my hair curly very often, it was nice having great curly haired products just to keep my hair healthy. Ouidad understands those of us with curly hair and there is a reason why she has been successful in her salons and products for so many years!