New Years Eve With the Kids


1. Create a New Years Eve Party pack for your child (or each child) – drink (small bottle of Martinelli apple cider or any juice, noise maker, snack, balloon, glow sticks)

2. Create a 2013 time capsule – fill out a sheet answering a few questions (Name, Favorite color, Favorite toy, Next year I would love to…, When i grow up I want to be…)

3. Make confetti filled balloons – fill balloons with confetti and then blow them up. 

4. Bubble popping – line the floor with bubble wrap and tape to the floor so kids can jump on it enjoy popping for New Years even noise and fun. 

5.  Make a family new years resolution – start a family game night once a week, go on a family bike rides more often, eat and make healthier food together.

6. Toast with special kid-friendly mocktails.

7. Make a countdown line of bags so each hour the kids open a bag with something fun – disposable camera, game, movie etc. You can also make it a world New Years by opening the bags each time it is New Years in another part of the world. 

8. Have everyone dress up in fancy clothes and have a dance party. Decorate a ball with glitter and confetti and hang from the center of the room.

9. Make new years eve party hats and noise makers (fill water bottles with beans/rice/glitter/confetti and decorate the bottles). 

10. Family slumber party – sleeping bags, movie, snacks around the TV. 

11. Milk and cookies toast in a champagne glass. 

12. Set all the clocks, alarms and watches to go off at exactly midnight.