Baby’s Play Place by Bright Starts

One of the top rated activity gym mats for baby is the Baby’s Play Place by Bright Starts. Baby’s Play Place differs from most other activity gyms because the walls and overhead bars reconfigure to adapt to baby’s needs by making it convenient for newborns, tummy time, crawling and sitting.


  • Removable prop pillow for tummy time play
  • 2-in-1 electronic toy features 20 minutes of lights and melodies and also attaches to most cribs
  • Overhead bar has soft, plush toys for baby including a water filled teether for baby and rattle toy
  • Extra large mirror for self discovery
  • 2 character links and 8 additional Fun Links™ for attaching more toys
  • Padded, fabric mat
  • Fabric, peek-a-boo flaps on mat
  • Folds up for storage or travel
  • Available in a safari edition and pink version
  • $79.99

The Bright Starts Baby’s Play Place is a truly customizable mat for baby. If your baby does not like one configuration then you can always reconfigure and see if they will adapt to another. This is the perfect mat for your baby to enjoy for a long time!