BabyHome So Ro Cradle

If you have extra money to spare, Scandanavian designers BabyHome make the so-cool So-Ro Cradle. The front to back rocking motion “emulates babies’ movements in their mother’s womb and when rocked in their parents’ arms, so the baby perceives it as a natural, familiar movement.”  The front to back rocking is more natural for baby than the standard side-to-side. The curved and breathable base of the So-Ro is angled to the perfect level so baby is comfortable and will sleep-well and breath-well. The So-Ro is made of a wood shell that is available in walnut or white and the handled cut-outs make it easy to carry from room to room. For newborns up to 6 months, the So-Ro comes with a mattress and fitted sheet. The So-Ro is so sleek and modern but $399 is impractical for most people. I would want it but would not spend $400 for an item that can only be used for 6 months.

The So-Ro also comes as a So-Ro Twin for 2 babies.