Recall of 33,000 Combi Car Seats


Combi USA has announced a recall of the Combi Coccoro, Combi Zeus Turn and Combi zeus 360 car seats. This recall affects 33,000 car seats. After failing to meet the safety measures for the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act’s child restraint system standards, these Combi seats can be dangerous even though Combi claims that there has not been any reported injuries or accidents connected to this issue. Consumers are requested to continue using the car seats until the repair kits are made available on February 6, 2014.

Car Seats Affected:

Combi Coccoro Child Restaint–Model 8220–Manufacture Dates: January 6, 2009- December 5, 2012

Combi Zeus Turn Child Restraint–Model 8815–Manufacture Dates: July 15, 2007- March 25, 2009

Combi Zeus 360 Child Restraint–Model 8836–Manufacture Dates: February 25, 2009- May 24, 2012

**The model number and date of manufacture is located on a sticker on the bottom of the car seat.

For more information, contact Combi USA’s recall line at: 1-844-697-1690.