Bulu Box – Health and Nutrition Monthly Subscription Box


Are you on top of your diet and exercise? Most of us are not but wish we had the time or money to be better about it. The next big thing in monthly box subscription is Bulu Box, its like a personal trainer and nutritionist coming to your door every month. Bulu Box is a box filled with 4-5 premium samples of vitamins and supplements for you to try and help you feel your best. Started by a husband/wife team in 2011, Bulu Box was born as a way to introduce fitness and nutrition in people’s lives.

A few weeks ago, I received a Bulu Box for review. I am not such a health nut or on a health kick but some of the contents of the box actually turned out to be quite useful and tasty. In my box was Zellies xylitol gum (great for teeth), Vivarin (caffein alertness aid – not so useful for me), Erba Vita Acid (balanced pH – did not realize that this could help me), 2 squeeze packets of Performance Energy Blends by PowerBar (healthy and tasty) and Ripped Cream (protein coffee creamer – great way for me to get protein in my diet with my morning coffee).

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Bulu Box is a economical way to get healthy. Membership to Bulu Box earns you the title of Bulugan and gets you a box in the mail every month for $10. You can choose to cancel any time without a penalty but if you sign up for a full year in advance, you get 1 month free. There are no hidden costs and no shipping cost involved with joining.  Bulu Box samples can be enjoyed by men and women but is a great gift to give to a new mom who is on a quest to remain healthy and get back in shape (if pregnant or nursing consult your doctor before taking any extra vitamins or supplements) after baby.