Summer Infant Step by Step Potty & Step Stool

My daughter just turned 2 which means I am going to start potty training her soon. I am scared about this process because I feel like potty training boys is so different than with girls. I never purchased a separate potty for my boys but I am contemplating buying a separate one for my daughter just to see if it will make the process a little easier. One of the seats I am considering is the Summer Infant Step by Step Potty & Step Stool. The Step by Step is a complete potty training system that can be used as a stand alone, toilet topper training seat or a step stool.

Features:step by step

  • Soft, padded and contoured seat
  • Flushable wipes holder
  • Toilet tissue dispenser
  • Removable cup – easy for cleaning
  • Built in lid for back support and to resemble a regular toilet
  • 2 handles to provide support
  • Potty training guide included
  • 2 colors – pink and teal

There are quite a few great things about the Step by Step. For one, the wipes holder and toilet tissue dispenser teach your child proper hygiene habits. The padded seat is removable and can be used as a toilet topper once your child outgrows the stand alone potty. When the potty seat is finally used on the toilet then the base can be used as a step stool to help your child climb up to the toilet or climb to the sink to wash hands.

The reviews for the Step by Step are not great. My deduction is that it is not great for boys because the splash guard does not collect the pee well. Although some parents with girls did complain about the splash guard. Also the Step by Step is on the smaller side so if you have a taller or larger toddler then it may not fit them very well. Overall, the step by Step is an okay potty seat for girls who are not too tall. The price ranges from $19 to $27 so you can find it fairly cheap if you look around.