An Unsafe Chemical in Some Baby Wipes…What is it?

Did you know that some baby products, especially baby wipes may contain the chemical america (MI) which can cause Allergic Contact Dermatitis (ACD). MI is not a new chemical but it is used in a high concentration when in products. It can also be found in 2,600 personal care products in the US (cosmetics, sunblock, shampoo, lotion).

According to research conducted by University of Connecticut dermatologist and professor Dr. Mary Wu Chang and her medical student, Radhika Nakrani, kids who had rashes on their hands, faces and bottoms recovered once they stopped using Huggies and Cottonelle wipes. Dr. Chang and Radhika looked at the cases of six children, ages 3 to 8, who suffered from persistent rashes that did not respond to topical and oral antibiotics and steroids. The parents all confirmed that they regularly used two brands of moist wipes on their children: Huggies and Cottonelle, both produced by Kimberly-Clark. Patch tests revealed that the kids were allergic to MI. Their skin cleared up within days of discontinuing use of the wipes, and the rashes did not come back.

After extensive research, Kimberly-Clark has confirmed that they will soon be offering MI free baby wipes so rest assured you will still be able to use Huggies and Cottonelle. It is scary to think that all these products contain chemicals even though they are labelled “safe for sensitive skin.” Makes us realize as parents that we really need to read the ingredients of everything that touches our baby’s body.

An interesting factThe prevalence of MCI/MI contact allergy has increased significantly in recent years, so much so that the substance had the dubious distinction of being named the 2013 “Allergen of the Year” by the American 
Contact Dermatitis Society (ACDS).