Summer Infant Resting Up Napper

Need a comfy place for baby to nap during the day? The Summer Infant Resting Up Napper provides a safe, inclined bed for baby to sleep soundly and peacefully. The incline helps babies who have colic or reflux and is actually safe for them to be in all night long. Similar to a bouncer but without the rocking feature, the Resting Up Napper is a great place to put a sleepy or calm baby. When needed, the Resting Up Napper can be folded to transport around the house or take when travelling. Easy to take on the go or stow away when the space is needed.


  • 30 degree inclined seat as recommended by pediatricians for baby’s comfort – especially helpful for babies with colic or reflux
  • Vibration unit soothes baby – 20 minute timer
  • 3 point harness
  • Machine washable cover
  • Mesh sides for breath-ability
  • Folds compact for transportation or storage
  • Use from birth to 5 months
  • 3 AA batteries

Some perks to the resting Up Napper is the 20 minute timer on the vibration mode. As a busy and tired parent, you do not have to remember to turn the vibration off and drain the battery. I can’t tell you how many times the vibration on our bouncer stayed on long after baby needed it. I would take my baby out of the bouncer and forget to turn off the vibration or my baby would be long asleep in the bouncer while the vibration remained on. On the other hand the limited vibration time can be a deterrent for babies who may wake up once the vibration is off.

The few downsides downside to the Resting Up Napper is that it does not come with an infant insert for smaller babies. another potential issue is if baby sleeps in the Napper all night long, it is potentially way lower than the parent’s bed so it may be difficult to easily see baby in the middle of the night.

The Summer Infant Resting Up Napper is a safe alternative to a bassinet and bouncer. It serves multiple purposes and reduces the need for extra gear and takes up less space. On top of that, the incline is super beneficial to babies who suffer from reflux or colic. Most users are super happy with the Napper and you probably will be too. Only $49.99.