Amazing/Creative/Unique Baby Shower Themes


There are so many great baby shower themes and ideas but some are more common than others. Here is a small list of a few amazing/fun/unique baby shower themes that I found. Please comment below if you have a theme that should be added to the list. We would love to hear from our readers.

  • Ready to Pop – if your shower is close to delivery date – pop of colors, cake pops, soda pop (various flavors), popcorn (various flavors or a popcorn bar), round rice krispie treats (snap, crackle, pop), ice popsicles at the end, favors can be a bag of popcorn or a take home cake pop
  • Eco-friendly – invite on recycled paper or online invite (Evite etc), green gifts (re-gifts or almost new gifts), serve drinks in recycled glass bottles, serve organic foods, cloth napkins, decoration can be fruits in glass bowls or flowers cut from your garden etc…
  • Cirque-du-Bebe - a play on words but a circus themed shower revolving around baby
  • Shower/Showered from Above/Sprinkle (2nd baby) – take the name literally and decoration is clouds, rain drops, rainbows; white pom poms hung from ceiling as clouds, umbrella as a favor
  • Beauty Shower – pedicures/manicures/facials, the women get pampered
  • Baby Shower by Mail - gather friends and family to put together a package to gifts to send to the pregnant mom – great when mom lives far away from the rest of her family/friends.
  • Brunch Shower aka Spa Shower –  brunch is low key and easy so why not revolve the shower around brunch with brunch foods, you can then use any color/theme decoration you want
  • Bring a Book Baby Shower – if you want to start building your baby’s library, this is the best way to do it; instead of gifts, guests bring a book for baby, cute idea here of how to tie in books with the food, have guest sign the book they bring that way it is a memory for you and eventually your child
  • Milk-a-holic or Milk and Cookies – black and white cow themed, fun since mom’s life will soon revolve around milk, serve milk in shot glasses (to make it fun for adults), oreo cookies
  • Rock-a-by-Baby – a play on the nursery rhyme but make it a music themes party, guitars and musical instruments (real or inflatable) as deco, gothic font, musical notes etc…
  • Bedtime Story – turn long tables into beds (twin sheets with a pillow at the end), baby pajamas, baby blankets and stuffed animals as deco, serve milk and cookies (or an adult version of it), display bedtime books throughout, can use a crib converted to a day bed as a serving table
  • Sip & See aka Meet & Eat- if you decide to showcase the baby after they are born instead of having a baby shower, capture a picture with each guest and baby, set up baby’s picture next to mom and dad’s baby picture, personalized deco with baby’s name
  • B is For Baby Shower – anything B is part of the deco – books, birds, bees, blocks, balls, baby, bellinis for the adults, can serve drinks in baby bottles (remove the nipple and replace with a straw), yellow color works well with the bee and birds, blocks spelling words can be displayed throughout
  • Flowers & Candy – fun for a baby girl because it represents beauty and sweetness, red flowers and red candy, candy buffet as favor (guests fill a bag with candy to take home), decorate giant lollipops to look like flowers by attaching petals and leaves to the stick
  • Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star – baby is going to be star of the show so its appropriate to have the theme represent baby, celestial deco (moon, stars, sun dec0), silver and blue color scheme, star shaped food using cookie cutters, favors – celestial shaped cookie cutters, “when you wish upon a star” – create a place where guest can write wishes for the baby and mom can save  in a star shaped box.