The Push Present Debate

push-presents The debate about push-presents is never ending¬†and tiring. The supporters think they deserve a present because they endured 9 months of pregnancy, labor and delivery and the ending result of a changed body. Some women want something tangible to mark this remarkable moment in life (something other than the baby). On the other hand there are the people who are against push presents because they think pregnancy/childbirth/baby is a gift enough. I don’t argue that a baby is the ultimate gift but does it have to come down to an all out war between women? If some woman want a push-present and their partner is willing to provide it then why does it bother the women who are against it? It is not their life so it has nothing to do with them. It is so frustrating to read all the commentary and article by the haters because it should not affect their life if they don’t want one. On the other hand the receivers of push-presents should not rub it in to other moms or pregnant women. It is not a mandatory gift but if a spouse is willing to give it then I am all for it!¬† Thoughts on push-presents?