Moonjar Review – Teach Your Child how to Share, Spend and Save Money


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The time to start the conversation about money is now and the way to start the conversation is through Saving, Spending and Sharing. Moonjar LLC was established in 2001, by Eulalie Scandiuzzias as a way to inspire and incorporate strong financial values and practices into everyday life. It is never to early to start teaching your children about the value of money and multiple award winning Moonjar has figured out a way to do it in a kid-friendly way.


Classic Moneybox

Moonjar sent me their International Moneybox, which is the Moneybox with a global twist. In celebration of their 10th year anniversary, this box is metallic with the words “Spend,” “Save,” and “Share” are written in many different languages from around the world. I also received the Classic Moneybox. The Moneyboxes are 3 Retro-Tins (each for Saving, Spending and Sharing) with a band to hold them together. Also included is a Passbook to keep track of deposits and withdrawals and a step-by-step guide with advice and ideas encouraging life-long learning.

moonjar international

International Moneybox

My oldest son really appreciates the Moneybox because he is at that point where he is really starting to understand money. For a few years now he has been “obsessed” with money so having a physical way to talk about it is really helping him understand how to manage his money. Up until now we have always put his money directly into the bank after his piggy bank gets full but the Moneyboxes has now provided him with a way to understand that his money can go to different uses.

The concept and idea behind Mooonjar’s Moneyboxes is clever. It encourages the value of giving money (donating) and it helps children understand they have choices with what to do with their money. Each box is $25 and is a great gift idea for birthday or your own child. Moonjar also makes other products such as books about money, conversation money games and the MoneyBoxes in packages with other products. Your child is never too young (except for babies) too start talking about money.

Disclosure: I have received the Moonjar to facilitate to my review. All opinions are 100% my own.