Facebook is 10 – Social Media Smarts!



As Facebook celebrates its 10 year anniversary today (Congratulations Facebook), we thought we would provide you with some tips on how to ensure that you are being social media smart.

1. We are all proud parents and excited to share pictures and accomplishments of our children but with that in mind, do not post embarrassing pictures of your children! Think back and see how you would feel if your parents had posted pictures of you online, how would you feel about it now? Also embarrassing or compromising pictures can affect their future in terms of jobs, college etc.

2. Don’t share identifying information about yourself, such as your email address, address, date of birth or telephone number on your profile page.

3. If your child is on Facebook, befriend them. Have all trusted family and friends befriend them so you can keep a tab on them. Also as a parent, make sure you have access to their password and can check their account at any time. Check the privacy settings and set it at the most private possible. It is important to create a balance between trust and parenting. You want your child to be safe from cyber stalkers, cyber-bullying etc. Set up rules about what can and cannot be posted.

4. Keep your friend circle very secure. Only befriend people who are friends and who you would want to see your pictures, status updates and any other information. If you don’t know someone well then maybe it is best to defriend them or don’t even add them.

5. Never broadcast travel plans on social media. You do not want the world to know that your house is empty.

6. Do not add apps that you will not use and remove ones that you do not use. The apps give third-party developers and advertisers access to your profile.

7. Create a strong password and change it monthly!

8. Do not access your Facebook account from another machine. If you have to, make sure cookies are turned off. If you are logging onto Facebook from your own computer through free Wi-Fi away from home, then log into Facebook via HTTPS, so you can go through a secure browser session.

There are so many more things to be wary of but these are important tips to start off with.

On the brighter, safer side of things, Facebook has allowed every user to create a “Look Back” video of their most important or liked pictures, status etc  in the past 10 years. The video is set to music and is a fun way to see your life int he past 10 years documented into a small video.